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My Story .... Indian Motorcycles

Just stumbled across some of my rambling from 4 years ago.. .. thought I'd share :)

I'll jump in .... my Indian Story begins in '01, but if we didn't talk about life before, it wouldn't be complete?

As I kid , never owned a bike. Wanted one, but apparently not bad enough to get one ( though in all fairness we moved around a lot).   I used to have dreams .. for years... that I was on a motorcycle.. and could never keep up with most others..  Every once in awhile i had to peddle the thing...   then it'd fire up and off I'd go... that dream happened all the time..for years.....  drove me nutz.   Interestingly, I'd never seen a movie or read anything on the earlier motorcycles operating this way ....  weirds me out a notch now thinking back about it.... ( twilight zone music in the background )

My first bike was an '82 Kawasaki 440 that my neighbor was selling . I'm 23 yrs old, In the military, getting divorced.. and that sucker was …