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I guess I don't know.   If I'm on my laptop and the below pops up to my Cell Phone, I honestly don't know the diff.   I'm not harassing anyone.... or cyber-stalking.  The way I view it, is the opposite.  If my phone lights up from his texts, not vice versus.... Maybe I ... should be coming down on .. HIM.. legally?  Except, I really don't care about any of this.  Certainly don't want to spend my hard earned dollars on it.

Fact.  I have no idea what the fuck this person is talking about. I'm not making calls.  Therefore, I'm not making harassing calls. Period!  I'm not texting. Period!  THEY are doing the texting.  I'm simply responding, to their harassing texts.  I was honestly caught off guard.  Now, at first I thought " huh... someone is screwing with them... so.. they just assume it's me?!"    Then .. the light bulb comes on.   After mentioning this to a few folks, they point out the obvious.  This is what he does to folks so he…

Wolves hiding in the Bushes


Best statement of the day goes to you!

Over the last year I've posted several times about an issue I've had with a situation up North.   Somewhat of a whistle blowing on issues, in spite of a smoke screen of sorts that has veiled much of the actual facts.  

Apparently the new twist is some fool with a few dollars may be now entwined in the whole situation as it progresses to the next chapter .    This morning one of the Northern wolves says to me "On to fuck over a whole new class of people" .  My simple response was "BUT .... to be honest ... at that point.. I don't give a fuk... done... their problem"   And that's true. His comeback ?  "Best statement of the day goes to you!"  Why thank you.

If this new venture is outside the realm of the Indian Motorcycle Community ... I don't care.  Not my problem. Not my issue.   Let someone else figure out what they are now involved in

My condolences are with them.

Riding Weather .... finally

Okay ...   yes .. I've been out on the bikes 1/2 dozen times this year, but only for short jaunts.   Weather was in the 50s or 60s, no rain...  in the mood to take a quick run for an errand . .. I'm in!   But today ...   you knew ...    Winter is gone.  Of course a Texas Winter is mild compared to most areas of the country.  We can ride year round, but still.. we have some crappy weather rolling in once in awhile.. and ...   freezing temps make their way in sometimes.....    but today ..  yeah .. today .. gave a glimpse of what is to come. Game on!  Sunny and 70s.

I haven't ridden my Road Glide in what seems forever.   After taking it to Daytona Bike Week and the Lone Star Rally ... apparently I didn't get it cleaned up good enough.  It's got a notch of corrosion in several areas that have pissed me off and I found myself ... well... leaving it parked.  But today Ifired the beast up  and brought it to life.  With a 120R that pushes over 132HP to that rear tire, it&…

We have moderation

The last week has proven interesting..... anyone that speaks up is being accused of being in my camp.  Folks are getting kicked out.  Posts deleted.   Moderation is the new norm. The best part is I and my buddies in this situation are referred to as the Wolves!  Of course we are; some just figured this out??  And folks, if we are wolves, then 'they' are sheep!  And to top it off,  the Sheep Weak .. I mean.. .'bike week' ( that bike reference still makes me laugh my ass off ...  few hundred bikes roll in for a few days...  how is that 'bike week'? ) 'on for 2019!' . ..OMG!  Break out the calendars.  Lock in the dates. Call the hotels for reservations!  Wait.. which hotel?  Motel 6 down by the public park?   Stay's going to be HUGE.  The bar has been set!:"With this much notice I wonder how much better I can outdo myself from the past two previous years"   Do you want me to answer that?   Selling cerveza out of a …

On fire today....

Well.. maybe not me .. but .. close.  Two bottles of Landon's red wine and I feel like I'm on fire.   Hey, at least I didn't stumble and have to edit the video!  Mama and i just finished an hour in the hot tub, I knocked back that second bottle of wine.. and...  well..  to the computer,right?  Apparently I need to get a microphone if I'm going to keep this up.. whoops.. sorry... I'm not whispering.. just.... relaxing.  Sorry .. next time I'll speak up louder.. yell.. something!

Earlier, I finally pulled a shit load of shirts out of the closet and them mancave.  Other's have been burning theirs for the last eleven months.. I .. .decided to ... JOIN IN!

That's not a Real Indian

I've touched on this subject before, but that was referencing the various generations of Indian Motorcycles and how our own riders, don't know the differences  / history / background of the Indian Motorcycle.  But there is one version that really perplexes me.  When you hear or read, someone saying "that's not a REAL Indian".  Usually followed by it's a Polaris, or it's a clone, or some other variation of bullshit.

Now,  I sort of understand the mindset if the person saying this is a hard core rider of antiques.  You know, rides a "Springfield Indian"  ..a first generation... an Indian motorcycle built between 1901-1953.   I might even cut them slack if they ride old Harleys.... you know...   same time frame.. or an old Pan head.   These guys are locked in a time capsule and push back on most modern motorcycles.  I've got a good friend that builds and restores the old ones.  That is all he rides given the choice.  I get it.  I've got not…

New Indian Rider woes...

After a few years.. you see a trend.  Redundant questions, some borderline ... umm... dumb... come up again .. and .. .again.  So in fun a few of us came up with .....   a list.

Some guy on a group asked:
"I have a question, what do you do if your out and about and the battery in your fob goes out. I guess it would be a good idea to carry a extra battery."

And... it begins!!!
(note: this has become a dynamic topic so we'll add it as we go!)

Rob  : Thinking Indian should have a class room session for this stuff before an owner rolls off the lot.

Newcomer #1.1 How to use the Facebook page search function. Prerequisite for ALL other classes. (edited:we would add to that .. and Forum search functions!)

newowner 101: How to clean the whitewalls:
Newonwer102: How to remove stickers .
Newowner103. How to use a PIN code.
newowner104: how to change your own oil
Newowner 105 .... hmmm.... your turn

Newowner#6 how to wash your bike.
Newowner#7 introduction to owners m…