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Day 1.. here we go

For those that know me ... I've got a background in bodybuilding.  However the last 10 years or so , I've allowed myself to .... 'slip' .  I get back in the gym, injury pops up, slide backwards.. then.. repeat.    Something has to give.  I've lost my edge.. motivation .. my mojo.

I've been hearing good things about Plexus.  It's multi-level like Amway, but .. if it works, also turns into a side business and maybe I can help others like myself.

So, it' begins.  I'm north of 300lbs ( once again).   I've been out of the gym.  Today, we start my own "30 day challenge".

Want to join me?  You can buy the products here and ... as I have .. .. sign up as a distributor.

Just had a quick workout...   truly depressing event.   Came back from Mexico last week at 309.  Weighted in this morning at 304.  Did a quick , back to the gym workout....   embarrassing...   Two weeks of those, t…

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