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FACEBOOK Deactivated

Well, finally did it last night.  Unbelievably, I seem to be having 'withdrawls' of some sort!  How crazy is that?  I miss my "good morning's" to some of my friends.... catching up with what folks are doing....   etc, etc...
However, I know I spent too much time on it.  15 years ago... it was First Person Shooter games that hooked me.   Then, it was IRC chats... .then ICQ ( pre yahoo Instant Messenger ).  I've always been an email geek.
My hope/plan is to stay off it for over a week.  In a perfect world, I'll find some type of balance with it.... but for now... I'll have the 'shakes' I guess for awhile!  LMAO

Injury behind me... ?

FINALLY .. back in the gym... Screwed up my wrist bad back in February .. hoping this is behind me for the rest of the summer. I've decided to wrap it tight and continue to treat it like an injury.

Man I was weak today . Quick workout, 2 -3 sets only , per body part, 1 minute of rest , high reps. I'll attack this again in 2 days .. and 2 days after that. Next week, I can add an exercise per body part. Don't want to get TOO sore , TOO early!