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My Indian goes ______ MPH

About a month ago, with the release of the Stage 3 kit for the TS111s, I wrote about the various optiona: Size Matters.   Size is one thing, speed is another.  Many of us want to go fast.   The new Indians with the 111s are known to be torque monsters, but we're just now starting to get 'go fast' kits.   I've been riding them for over 4 years, and have had mine up to approximately 120mph, via the Speedo.  I verified via GPS up to 100mph, but after that ....  I only know what the speedo reports, and it's a well known fact, they aren't accurate.   I've heard and read that folks have done 125.... 130 .. even .. 135.    BUT.. we have a small problem; the TS111 has a speed limiter set at 118mph.   So, at some point, we have to call Bullshit?

Rob's Dyno out East was the first to crack the code by flashing the ECUs on the bikes instead of piggybacking a tuner on them.  For those of us with Kings Mountain Indians (09-13s), he is the ONLY person I'm aware of …

Get a Job

I remember almost twenty years ago this subject came up.   Young guy walks in to his Dads' house and says " I can't find a job" .   Now, me being me, I throw my opinion out there.  I said something along the lines of "If I needed a job today, I'd have two of them tomorrow" .  Point being, I'd do whatever it took to put food on the table.  Doesn't mean I'd be making what I am today.  But I'd be employed if that's what it took.  Period.  Since then I've had numerous conversations with numerous folks over the years.  "I can't find a job."   "Nobody is hiring" .. blah blah blah.  I call .. BULLSHIT.  The real problem is, people don't want to do what they perceive is 'below' them.  Simple as that.  Hey, I don't want to flip burgers either .... but again... if that's what it took, I'd also ask if you wanted fries with it.  

Today my pool guy shows up.   Awesome guy that we've been us…

King of my Castle!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Well, unless you count mornings like this one.   After getting up around 0300 hrs to take a bio break, I come back to my side of an super comfy King Size bed and .....  try to wiggle in gently so we can go back to spooning without anyone waking up.  Well, not Lucy. She's over on the other side enjoying lots of real estate.  Down where my knees are supposed to go, dead center is our 27 lb puggle snoring away on top of the covers. Now, I guess I could have asserted
my authority over my real estate and grabbed the blanket and tossed him over a few feet. No....  too early for that.   I could have picked him up and moved him.. or .. pushed him aside... but.. he was in a deep sleep snoring and I guess I was more jealous than anything, and I myself wanting to be back to sleep like that.  So, I acrobatically crawled into the bed, backing up to him and positioned him behind my quads.  But, he's on the covers.  So the slow tugging of the …

"Cheap Bikers"

This came to my attention this morning.....   about 4 or 5 months old in a weak attempt at a 'blog' out there...

"You know whats funny?  Are people who have money and bitch and moan about $235 when it includes all your food, shirt, motorcycle giveaways, exclusive stuff.   you know...  "VALUE"
What amazes more is when they can't let things go and their own blog can't stop writing about someone who will always be more sucessful at anything they do."


Well, it was never about the money.   It was about the actual value.  It was about options.  I stated this over.. and over.. an over.... the last several years.   I do know people, LOTS of people, that felt that same way. And, that it wasn't a good value.  Was too much money.   But apparently, I was the only one that complained.  Now that's funny right there.  Turns out lots of people complained and it fell on deaf ears

Can't let it go?  Because it won't die.  My…

It's a Generational Thing - Indian Motorcycles

Few weeks ago, I wrote about one of my pet peeves and lightly touched on the subject of the various generations of Indian Motorcycles. This isn't meant to be  history lesson; I'm not qualified in that area, but do know a few that are. Still, the different generations of the bikes seems to be a mystery for many.  And for others, no respect for generations for bikes, outside the realm/generation, of the bike they currently ride/own.  But whether one owns an old school original, or one of the newest, they are all Indian Motorcycles.

First Generation
The year 1901.  Most are familiar with it.  The year Indian Motorcycle was brought to market. 
These are referred to as the "Springfields", simply because they were built in Springfield Massachusetts.  From 1901-1953 composes this generation.  An interesting lil' tid bit that a few don't know is that ... originally it was actually Hendee Manufacturing Company and not until the late '20s that the name flipped ove…

Douche Alert

Recently, one of the top dealerships in the country posted this.

Brand New Kings Mountain, NC built Indian Chief Vintage - Rare and Desirable piece of motorcycle history As many of you may know, we were the very first Indian Dealer when the Indian Chiefs were built in North Carolina. This very rare and very special motorcycle is brand new, never been titled and will carry a 1-Year Warranty direct from Indian Motorcycle. The Chief Vintage was the most historically styled model and the Flagship of the Kings Mountain built Chiefs. It was also the most expensive Indian Chief built at that time, selling for near $36,000.00. The Chief Vintage was also a 'numbered bike' and held a special designed badge. This incredible Vintage is number 321. The memorable and desirable colors were found on Indian Motorcycles as far back as the 1930's. The leather is the original 'distressed leather' and is complete with grain and color variations. This leather is the basis for the leather …