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It's the People, not the Place

Last Year, it began.  The Iron Indian Riders Association began kicking up it's momentum again.  We flipped our annual reunion from the Branson area to the Durango area.  At the same time the Gateway Indian Tribe started The Gathering .   Both were a success.

In 2017, The two events put space between their dates and theDurango Reunion just completed the Second Annual Reunion.   The Gateway tribe, teamed up with the Flatlanders Tribe, are set to take The Gathering to the next level!   But between the two, the Northwinds tribe out of MN, is putting together their version for 2017.

The week after Sturgis, they are inviting all Iron Indians to come join them in a week of riding and celebration.   They've been welcomed by the Bison Thunder Motorcycle Dealership NW of the Twin Cities so a little bit of time will be spent up there.  An overnight ride is being planned.   And a week of rides to local establishments to spend some time together after rides, is being put together.


Things have gotten personal....

Well, someone just popped their top and began the Slander war.... so I'll just throw this out there...  Too bad it's come to this.  I enjoyed seeing folks over the last .. well, it's been almost six years now.  But there are numerous events around the country to attend.   Or not attend.   When this all began, it was one of the few. Now , it's just one of the many.

I guess a post of BS that theSheep are lining up behind, deserves a response. Not the way I wanted this to go down, but I can’t let lies go unanswered.

“Now I guess everyone coming (even though he's attended 5 years) are just "sheep" and "idiots". No.I’ve got friends attending.I’ve attended.The “SHEEP” are the folks who have never been to the event, never will go to the event, but post BS about folks and/or situations they know nothing about. Or those that post comments out of ignorance with zero knowledge of the facts, which appears to be most.
“By the way.. 14's taxes WERE done.. 1…

So you want to 'ride' .. on Three Wheels?

Historically, I've never been a fan of 'Trikes"; Three wheeled motorcycles.   But, a few over the years, have caught my attention.  Back around 2006 I was down at ROT in Austin for a Rally when I first saw a BOSS HOSS Trike in action.  It was mind blowing to see the 2 and 3 wheelers churn up their tires, and a huge mass of gray smoke .  Truly awe inspiring. Since then, I've also become a fan of V8 Choppers Trikes   If I acquired a trike today, it'd be a V8 Chopper.

But, not all Trikes are setup traditionally.  Some have 2 wheels up front, 1 in the back.   For over a decade I've seen T-Rex's around.   Super low to the group, high HP motorcycle motor tucked in there and a crazy fun looking toy.  And, expensive.  So expensive, I never seriously considered one.  I just noticed today , they have yet another model out.  Very cool and even has an HD motor in it. The   V13R .

About 2.5 years ago, Polaris changed the game with the Slingshot.  I was vaguely aware it…

Thank you for your Service

Few things that bug me ..........     Some more recent, some for some time.

"HERO" -  The term gets overused to the point of nausea nowadays.   Not every person in uniform deserves the praise of "Hero" when something happens.   Not every civilian deserves it when they do something good.  Lets reserve it for those that truly are' .  It's gotten diluted

Military Uniforms - Back in my day, when you traveled you wore your Class As. Your best . Your service dress uniform.  Now , you see folks in their BDUs when traveling.   If you're deploying to an overseas location to go fight in a war, I get it.  If you're deploying to a location where you won't need anything but BDUs, I get it.  But, if you're headed to another base for training, and opt to wear them... wrong.   Wear your Civvies.   Get over yourself.  We know why you're wearing them.   Many I've spoken to , agree with me on this subject.  The few that don't agree with me, usually…


My name and another are being slandered by an individual out there on Social Media.   Every-time he does it, a few Sheep chime in asking what he's referring to.  Who is this scary "R&R MC"

Well, now you know.  Hide your children.  Hide your wives.  Hide your IRS Filings ( well, assuming you've done them at all ) .  How dare we walk away from a situation and decide to go ride with others, vs mix with the flock of sheep.

BTW...   We aren't creating an 'event' .  We aren't subverting a business.   We are simply tired of the BS.  We have chosen to ride elsewhere during the "Dealer Event" And when my name gets slandered, I sometimes share my side of the story via this Blog.

I'm being stalked ... virtually

Well.. sort of .. hahaha

Back in March, I got "unfriended" on FB because someone didn't agree with me. So, I took the next step and blocked them.  Done.

Well, not quite.  My cell phone now lit up with BS comments. So, I took the next step and blocked them.  Done

Well, not quite.  My email account now lit up with BS comments.  And pics of the persons kids attached.   Huh?   So, I took the next step and setup the mail server to redirect all emails to SPAM and auto-delete. Done

Well, not quite.  Now the douche has chosen to make comments on his own FB page directed my way, with derogatory and incorrect statements. Reminds me of the old days when the comments would go on ..and on.. and on....   via FB.  I'd leave a group, he'd add me back in.  I'd leave the group , he'd add me back in.    Over .. and over.. and ...  some things never change.

All good ...  I've got my lil rambling corner of the world here......    just "thinking out loud."  Nothi…


Ever see something, and think. Enough is enough? FB can be a great thing... and the opposite... … a perfect example of stupidity.I’ve been in groups and forums the last several years and seen crap that makes my head hurt. One person says something, anything and hundreds jump on the bandwagon blindly, making themselves look like idiots in the long run.
Fact. I’ve attended a fund raising event for the last five years up in Minnesota.On the back-end, it supports a charity.This charity has ties with a Motorcycle Dealership.There are Facebook groups and other forums and pages that tie back to it all.Now, the interesting part. If someone in those groups or pages, from the charity/dealership make comments or accusations, or claims… dozens... sometimes. Hundreds (?) of folks … assume the author of the post or the comment is 100% correct.How dare someone question the dealership... the event... the charity!!!But, what if ……..Everything said was not 100% correct???But, in today’s world, we have…

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