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My first IRS fiasco ever.....

Chasing down a '14 Tax Refund . The twist is I chose to have the refund put on a NetSpend VISA card ( won't do that again )
1. Refund by IRS 3 NOV 2. 3 NOV, Rx email from bank I need to get ahold of them 3. 5 Nov , contact bank. Told funds were returned to sender. 4. Contact bank 2 more times before they finally give me a transaction number. 5. Contact TurboTax for help tracking . Told to to contact IRS. Would hate to see how they react if I had got audited? 6,. Spent six weeks.. yes you read that right .. SIX WEEKS trying to get through .. finally. A competent person ( yes I was shocked ) on the other line gives me the bad news. No funds returned, but , i get a routing number that the money was sent to and a phone number.
****Now... one would assume, this would send me back to the NetSpend financial institution , but.. it doesn't. ***
7. Contact the GreenDot bank ( they handle cards that you put money into , apparently for folks with crappy credit that need a CC ). …

Adventure Bike....

Still waiting for delivery of the bike. Been doing a LOT of reading as I prepare for this next .. .... phase.. .. journey .. .adventure.. of riding. Been riding street bikes for 32 years... small ones.. lots of big ones. Never seriously ridden off road... but , have the itch to get off the beaten path. I found myself reading an article the other day ( don't have the link.. probably couldn't find it if I tried ) .. but the gist of it was... deciding on what type of bike you want .. You know.. Off road.. vs. Dual Sport/Purpose .. vs 'Adventure" bike.... had me rethinking ...WTF am I doing here? Basically, it pointed out that bikes like the TEX weren't really off road bikes, but street bikes that find their way onto gravel roads, blah blah. .. Had me wondering.. "should I have gotten a used KLR650 and ride it for 6 months first? " ...just to make sure? . BUT... they keep banging on the weight of bikes like the TEX .. t…

The Forums : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Wrote this on a forum this morning...  a lil full of myself, but... how I feel .. thought I'd save it off here :)


I've been on the Indian forum(s) for about ... 6 1/2 years ( I believe there are basically three today , that most frequent). Within those forums, each has a group of people that frequent them and set the tone / direction.

I do find one thing interesting.... and you touch on it here. Historically, HD boyz have been known ( truth and/or perception ) to be pro HD and pretty much belittle everything else on two wheels. Yes.. that's a generalization... but one that seemed true for many .. especially those that ride rice burners (guilty , for 20 years ) . Now, once you own an HD and 'join the club' .. you realize differently, but there are still fanatics within the ranks. There are also the posers, RUBs, weekenders, .... and .. well.. the normal guy that rides one.. because.... well, he likes them for whatever reason. …


Day 1.. here we go

For those that know me ... I've got a background in bodybuilding.  However the last 10 years or so , I've allowed myself to .... 'slip' .  I get back in the gym, injury pops up, slide backwards.. then.. repeat.    Something has to give.  I've lost my edge.. motivation .. my mojo.

I've been hearing good things about Plexus.  It's multi-level like Amway, but .. if it works, also turns into a side business and maybe I can help others like myself.

So, it' begins.  I'm north of 300lbs ( once again).   I've been out of the gym.  Today, we start my own "30 day challenge".

Want to join me?  You can buy the products here and ... as I have .. .. sign up as a distributor.

Just had a quick workout...   truly depressing event.   Came back from Mexico last week at 309.  Weighted in this morning at 304.  Did a quick , back to the gym workout....   embarrassing...   Two weeks of those, t…

Secrets Aura Cozumel


Big Rides............ no thanks

I remember rolling into Sturgis back in '86.  What a rush ..  Bikes , hundreds of bikes, everywhere.  Rolling along, you might find yourself in pack of dozens.. hundreds.  At some deep level, it was a rush .

Fast forward to 2006 and I'm rolling into ROT down in Austin.  Just going light to light, you could be in a pack of 200 bikes.   Again, what a rush .....

Seems like every year there is a big 'Toy Run' or other fundraiser.   You roll in and there might be 50 bikes.. or 1000 bikes. If they are well managed and there is a police escort and they handle the intersections, usually works out.  Other times, not so much. Chaos

Over the years, I've seen idiots pile into each other.  Read about idiots piling into each other.  Hundreds of bikes spaced out on the highway with their heads up their asses, creating dangerous situations with cages.  Riding tight with your buddy is one thing, but.. with someone you don't know?   Not so much .............

Lately, I've fou…

I'm Addicted to ........

Your lights are on, but you're not home
Your mind is not your own
Your heart sweats, your body shakes
Another kiss is what it takes
You can't sleep, you can't eat
There's no doubt, you're in deep
Your throat is tight, you can't breathe
Another kiss is all you need
Whoa, you like to think that you're immune to the stuff, oh yeah
It's closer to the truth to say you can't get enough
You know you're gonna have to face it, you're addicted to bikes
You see the signs, but you can't read
You're running at a different speed
Your heart beats in double time
Another kiss and you'll be mine, a one track mind
You can't be saved
Oblivion is all you crave
If there's some left for you
You don't mind if you do
Whoa, you like to think that you're immune to the stuff, oh yeah
It's closer to the truth to say you can't get enough
You know you're gonna have to face it, you're addicted to bikes
Might as well face it, you're addicted to bik…

Slingshot Ride Report : 6 weeks in the 'saddle'


Working out: 3 weeks in ...

Normally, by now after an extended break, I'm well into the routine.   Of course, after a month of throwing around heavy weights, I start to remember why I had to quit working out, with some of the joints flaring up and causing issues.

I've taken way too many layoffs from the gym over the last 40 years, but one thing I've learned well is how to ease back into working out, without pushing your muscles too hard, too early, then screaming the first week (s) about the pain and soreness.

However, I'm three weeks back in  , starting to find my groove, but, haven't found my mojo.  I'm just not feeling it!  I believe it's because I'm sticking with the lighter weights, higher reps.  Also, I haven't broke up my body parts yets; I'm still doing minimal weight, sets and high reps, for all body parts, in a single workout. 

Next week, I'll split this up into a push/pull , twice a week routine.  That should kick things in a lil'.  Addtionally, I've do…

The Need for Speed

Well, I finally did it 
Been contemplating this for ... literally .. years.. 5 or 6 at least.    I've finally entered the world of Sport Bikes, after 30 + years of riding.  Have to admit, I'm the first to make jokes about and shake my head at, all the morons on Sport Bikes , doing the stupid stunts on our roads, and acting like idiots.  But, damned if I haven't secretly admired their rides; their potential of those rides. So , I did it.

As many know, I recently got a Slingshot .  While in the dealership checking on a recall, I did what I have always done there ... sat on and/or admired the KZ-14 and Hayabusa.  Except, this time, the Sales Manager gave me a deal I couldn't refuse, and mama' went along with it.

So now, I'm on my fourth Kawasaki owned over the years .. and one of , if not THE, baddest bikes on the planet. Has 200HP on tap, limited speed at 189mph ( I don't envision that being a problem), big enough to give me comfort, and just awesome to Rid…