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How I ended up on an Indian Motorcycle....

As I kid , never owned a bike. Wanted one, but apparently not bad enough to get one ( though in all fairness we moved around a lot).   I used to have dreams .. for years... that I was on a motorcycle.. and could never keep up with most others..  Every once in awhile i had to peddle the thing...   then it'd fire up and off I'd go... that dream happened all the time..for years.....  drove me nutz.   Interestingly, I'd never seen a movie or read anything on the earlier motorcycles operating this way ....  weirds me out a notch now thinking back about it.... ( twilight zone music in the background )

My first bike was an '82 Kawasaki 440 that my neighbor was selling . I'm 23 yrs old, In the military, getting divorced.. and that sucker was begging me to buy it for $1200.00.  I still don't know how I even fit on it.   A year later when I moved to NE, on a crisp morning after the snow had melted, I was out and took a corner at a high rate of speed and the f…

2013 Crystal Ball

Lets see if I can tell the future
Trip to Mexico Trip to Vegas for NASCAR, Motorcycle Riding and fun with FriendsDeep Sea Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico ( via Galveston )Week at Indian Rally for an Indian Motorcycle 10 year RallyRide the bike to/from SturgisRide the bike to/from MinnesotaBBBQ Bike Rally in Fayetville, ArkLone Star Rally in Galveston, TXRepublic of Texas Rally in Austin, TXComplete Sailing lessons
Get my body-weight down 25+ lbs to get into my old dress slacks ( have 30 of them tucked away waiting for me!)

Get my building 100% setup for displaying  / working on, Motorcycles

Hire on 2 more people building up my team at work

Twelve months from now, we'll see if I got it right!

End of '12 is nearing.......

Damned time flies .. faster and faster.  Cliche but true

Buzzed my head yesterday to keep me focused on getting back into shape!  When i get back into my 38W slacks....   I'm "allowed" to grow it back. Not until !!!!

Really thinking '13 is going to be an outstanding year , for several reasons

1.  Leanne is on new medication for her RA that doesn't allow her to consume alcohol.  That's already changing my own habits
2.  I had a scare with my lower back , last month.  I'm focused on getting my weight down and in better shape.
3.  Financially, we're finally in a better place.  I need to focus on financials this year ( investments, etc)

Bring on the New Year!

White Christmas

Headed to Arkansas on Christmas Eve to visit Mom and Dad; perfect weather for a visit. 60s on the road and nice and green. Last night we got pummeled with snow and high winds. Good news is the forecasted 10+" didn't show up. Looks like home in TX got several inches as well.

Head back this afternoon to TX. Brought the 4WD Range Rover so should be a smooth drive out if here. Just hoping they did a good job clearing the roads

Christmas Eve !

Wow.... hard to believe it's Christmas Eve!    I'd swear it seems 2012 just got started .. I blinked .. and now.. it's almost over.  Incredible.   Seems like just 'yesterday' I was working out trying to lose weight for our trip to Mexico in May '12 for our 25th renewal.  An injury sidelined me ..then distracted me from  that goal.  Just the other day I was in the gym preparing to jump back into it after the Holidays when i realized it'd been so long....   Truly need to get focused in '13 and honestly get back into shape.. no excuses!

Christmas .. seems so 'menial' to me this year.  Got the opportunity to visit with my daughter earlier this week in NYC.  All that mattered is I got to hold her.. hug with her.  Didn't care about presents or anything else...  just wanted to be near her.  Later today we head to Arkansas to visit Mom and Dad.  Again, that won't be about gifts ( though we are bringing a couple) but just to be with the…

I didn't get that Invite.....

Facebook.  You've got to 'love it.'.  In many ways, it's complete information overload ( well, at least my newsfeed is ).  Almost no way to keep up with all the info.

Then there's the emotional side of it (FB).  It's like a big comfy couch in the Doctor's office, and you get to watch everyone ( many ) tell their innermost thoughts publicly.  If you pay any attention to someones postings, you get a really good feel for their personality, quirks, overall temperment.  Pretty interesting actually, and somewhat addicting in some ways to 'watch'.

Then, the emotional roller coaster. Never knew everyone out there had so much fun until it showed up on FB, and WTF, they didn't invite me?  LMAO! On a serious note, it's actually a touchy one if you think about.  You can't invite everyone, all the time.  And you can't always invite your close friends to everything you do day in and day out.  And what about when you have a new hobby that actually …
We are the sum of our actions.  I heard someone several years ago say something to that effect. 

Think about it.. all the good decisions... the bad decisions .. that we've made to date, are what have allowed us to achieve our dreams and aspirations. 

NASCAR: Texas Motor Speedway

Been quite awhile since I've posted anything.... been pretty busy at work, and had my fair share of trips with the wife to Mexico a couple of times and Galveston, TX a few times.   Now, I'm looking at the Calendar and 2012 is starting to look like a blur already!

NASCAR/TMS: Just got the Season tickets in today!  Renewed at the last moment for our seats after receiving a call telling me they'd held them to the last minute and I had 'one more chance!".  Before hanging up, I mentioned that I'd walked away from my RV spot and wish it was possible to get an Infield spot.  As luck would have it.... we got TWO!  Incredible.. I'd always heard it was near impossible , and yet I've gone from planning on NOT going the entire season to having killer seats and RV location... got to love it!

Sort of feels like going in time six years,when I first started attending the races......  ready!