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Fall from Grace ....

I think it finally happened.  And if it did, I'm not happy about it as some might think.  It's sort of sad if true.

I've written the last several months about the ups and downs  ( well, mostly downs) of a situation up 'north' .  For me it goes back years.  But if I were to surmise it quickly ......

Over the years I watched a dealer bad mouth his main OEM.  I told him repeatedly that it didn't make sense.  Why bite the hand that feeds you.   But the answer I always got was a cocky one.   Then in  a moment of foolishness, I 'invested' ( ie loaned ) a large sum of money and thought I'd live to regret it because right away the bad mouthing of the OEM began again.  Had I empowered him again, I wondered?  But I didn't live to regret it; the funds were paid back on time. But it'd be the last time I allowed myself to become intertwined financially. 

Then I saw a pattern that concerned me.  Had to do with an annual event.   A new local dealer.   A c…

Human Nature

I've written about it at length throughout the years, and especially the last six months.

I had a new acquaintance say to me a few weeks ago " you're the admin of that page?   I unliked it; nothing new"   Have to admit, it caught me off guard but after a few beers and discussing, it made sense.  The FB page in particular " Texas Indian Bikers" is a composite of info found on FB, Forums and the Internet in general. This one particular person happens to scour the same areas I do, so .. he's seen much of it before.  But, most don't.  I went so far as to explain how we post pertinent info on the bikes and Texas area, but ... most people simply don't seem to give a shit.   But if I post a pic of a hot chick, folks come out of the woodwork.  Post about the latest cams or exhaust, crickets.  Post a pic of a puppy next to a bike, and they come out of the woodwork again.   Post a pic of the latest model and crickets. Get the picture?  BTW, he's since…

Harvey ... a glimmer of light

Saw a few things this morning that had me smiling

First, Lisa A. posted this pic  with a caption of "Thank you Jesus!"  Put a smile on my face!   They spent the night on the Island after leaving their home up in Alvin, due to flooding. Tore at my heart!  But, good news! ( Holiday Inn? )

Second, I saw where David J. posted a picture from his balcony this morning.  They are back home, and the waters are receding.  They to had to deal with some flooding.  Bad news is they are dealing with some damage to their bikes due to flooding.  There is a potential plan to get those bikes out, but ...more to follow on that one

Third, and the final piece to the puzzle for the day, my neighbor down in Galveston made it to his home this morning and sent me over some pictures.  The bad news is , I lost vinyl siding on the home as I'd expected would happen.  The Good news is, except for a few shingles, looks like I didn't' take too bad of a hit.  I hope to have someone looking insid…

Harvey is back on the move ..... off of Galveston Island

Well, Hurricane Harvey was inland, then just as they predicted he moved back into the Gulf.   I've been concerned it'll pick up steam again.  No one seems to be talking about that possibility. Hopefully it won't reach CAT 1 status before it hits land again.   A few hours ago, I noticed the winds were in the 40s.  Now, they are up in the 50s..  It looks to be right off of Galveston, working it's way NE, towards Louisiana.

 If there is any good news at all, there doesnt' appear to be a surge off the of the gulf.  Looking at these two pics, you see two things.  The waves aren't up on the seawall, and the beach restoration project from last year, looks to be intact.  This of course has been my main concern, since we've got two homes on the beachside. I'm thinking / hoping, worst case, we get some new siding on the house, and have to replace a few odd and ends down in the shed/garage that may have some water damage.   As I mentioned before, I got Sugar B…

House Cleaning...

Several years ago, I did some house cleaning on my FB account.   "Unfriended" a LOT of folks.  People that weren't interactive, I chucked.  Lets just say it didn't go well! lol .   Lot of folks were like WTF?  I watch your stuff!  Oh well?   Well, over time  most of those made it back, on the 'list' .

Two days ago, made the decision to do some house cleaning again.  Over the last several months, I've been caught up in a web of stupidity I've never experienced.  I thought I'd seen it all after a fiasco two years ago, but I was wrong.  So, I've stepped back and reevaluated..   And, done some house cleaning.   Funny part is .. not ONE person has complained that got thrown out.   That should make one wonder.  But, most were thrown out because, well, I don't know who the f*' they are!  I've had hundreds of people add me over the years, and I accepted because they had a motorcycle.  A similar brand.  They commented on some of my group po…

Cobwebs in the Gym....

Drug my ass back in there....   been a few weeks.. okay .. more than a few weeks.   Quick look at my workout journal .. FOUR months!

I left myself a quick note under the date, of my last workout :  " Larry had a heart attack last night" ..   I'm suddenly thrown into memory lane, remembering it all like it was yesterday.   Crazy part is, you'd think I'd have been hitting the gym hard after the news of one of my close friends having a close call.  But, I didn't .  I don't know why .  Doesn't matter now.  I"m back in there.

Few sets per body part. Moderate reps.   In and out in 20 minutes.   I've learned this routine and utilized too often.  First week back, I go easy .  Go light.   Second week, double down the sets.   Third week, I'm back in the game.  But, doing one thing different this time.   No Leg Presses.  Have switched to Hack Squats.  The hope is it'll keep my back in a good place.

We'll see.  My weight is around the 300 mar…

Innocent or Pot Stirrer?

One person .. ONE PERSON...   puts a post out there that causes a lil' chaos (hint: wasn't me .. this time .. lol ).  A post from a single person, not a group. Then, folks from both sides of a fence show their true colors.  Then someone who claims to be a non hater, in their sweet nice harmonious group,  posts this BS.  Sneaking in lil' BS comments.  Innocent?  No.  Part of the overall problem as well, IMHO

"To those of you who had a few issues this past week in certain FB Pages bearing the INDIAN MOTORCYCLE name....Suggestion.... Find out who runs the site, who the admins are, and what Affiliations they have as most of those sites have no Corporate involvement at all...It will also make you think about the certain post you felt like making, why certain post are deleted, why certain post flourish, what group they represent and push their members just might make you decide you dont need to be a part of it at all....#IndianMotorcycle"   &…

Harvey ... still causing pain

Seems like it was just the other day, I was sitting in Galveston at the table and noticed Harvey was gathering steam.   We opted to head back to Greenville rather than wait it out.  Probably a good idea since it appears the power has been out since Friday night, and the roads to Houston .. are all closed.  No telling how long we'd be down there.  Good news is, we emptied the fridge before leaving, just in case!  Our two homes down there, have been reported to be in good condition. Lot of flooding, but no major damage.  I've got a cousin that evacuated her home In Corpus Christi and she received good news that the fury of the CAT 4 Hurricane left it unscathed after annihilating the city of Rockport.

Now, the next phase of damage is underway.   Historical flooding in Houston is forcing folks from their homes and mass evacuations are underway.   I'm no longer focused on our homes; I'm focused on my friends in Houston and it's outlying areas that Harvey is causing pro…

Harvey is coming.....

Last weekend we got an alarm from one of our systems in the big house, down in Galveston. 
Humidity was on the rise so called our A/C guy.   He informed me I was missing 220 and only had a single leg of 110.   So, I called our electrician who told me it was the power company's fault, he opened a ticket and it'd be fixed that evening.  Sure enough, that night the humidity and temps inside our home were dropping.   Still, we weren't sure if the fridge had lost power, so we headed down there a few days ago.  All was good.   There was a new power pole and 'box' out front so the city had apparently done some upgrades ( and partially fucked up ).   Good thing we headed down though.   The loss of power setup some potential future issues we were able to avert ( had to do with furnace filters and condensation ).  And, the weather was ...awesome!  We spent a lot of time on the back deck, down on the beach ( secluded ) and sipped a few adult beverages.  I work from down ther…

World Records....

Getting ready to log off for the night, and I saw a tidbit out there that caught my eye...  2404 HDs have the world record.   Now, this caught my attention because some folks down in Missouri are going to go for the record in May 2018 with Indian Motorcycles.   I never thought the number was that big ( a lil over 250 ), so the 2404 definitely caught my attention.

Still, 2404 ain't bad.  I personally have never been in a group over 1500, so 2404 is a chunk.  But, with millions of HDs on the planet, one would have assumed they would have had more?   But, look closer.  This isn't in the US. It's in Greece.   Now, I'm pretty sure there have been larger groups that technically beat this, but someone forgot to call Guinness to get it recorded?

This one caught my attention.  The most off road bikes in a parade.  Again, this wasn't in the US but down in Brazil.

A total of 3,312 is not small chump change. I'm betting that looked like chaos?  Hell, if it'd been in NY…

The coast is calling....

Yesterday after I had lunch with the sis, came home , and Lucy and I looked at each other and said "Galveston?"   ...  then , we jumped in the car, headed south, and had a couple of drinks on the back deck before calling it a night...

Pulled out the 177 pellet rifle this morning , to eliminate some varmints.  Damned thing is still loud, but the beach is secluded  and it's a free fire zone :)   Have to admit the scope on that sucker, out of the box is accurate. I'm not posting any kill shots.. just seems wrong.. but two down and few more to go !

Drinks are nice and cool, and sun is shining.... back to it...


Still have a full summer of bike related events to go.. but....    Mexico is calling my name ...

Cozumel has become our go to, for years now.  Cancun is too touristy.   Playacar will cost you just as much as, if not more, than an AI.  Playa Del Carmen is no longer a sleepy fishing village, but a full blown tourist trap.   But Cozumel for now, is still on the quiet side.  So, Coz is our destination of choice.....

I'm ready.  As much as I love Texas, nothing like a quick 2.5 flight and into the mix.   Great value compared to going in 'non inclusive.'  And, on this one we'll have a lot of family and friends along. No kids .....  just ...   serenity




A year of planning .... calling people across the country ...   hundreds of related posts ...  thousands of man hours , have paid off!   The bar for the old record was raised by 9 bodies

Had we got a call earlier in the morning, we could have brought another three dozen to help and bumped that number over 300, but we weren't needed so all good


Have you seen these lately?

Been handing these out and taking orders for more..... Few have been seen around Bison the last few days...around the TC area....   rumor has it, more to be worn at the '266'.

Remember the old slug bug game?   Lets play ....  if you see a shirt, look around and slug a sheep

EDITED/ADDED 20 minutes later:
After thinking about this... in today's world with all the sheep.. i mean morons.. running around, I feel the need to add a disclaimer.  In today's world, if you played slug bug, you'd probably be arrested for harassment or attacking physically .. or something.  So, sadly I must point out the obvious that the above was a joke ....  :)   Now, if you see someone riding around on a bike with a sheep mask on; well that's just downright dangerous and you know what to do ..right?

The Hunt....

Rainy days

Waiting....   patience .... watching .... hungry for lamb chops ...  and .. tequila 

Is dealer week going to suck?

For anyone that has been following my blog as of late, you've seen more than a few posts related to an event up North I've attended since 2012.  The last few years, I struggled internally on whether to attend or not, but did and at the time was glad I made that decision.  Its always good seeing and riding with friends.  And each time up there, I've made new ones
I just came across this on Noel's FB page
"For those of you bashing the bike week event,
I signed up a long time ago.
I am going.
I will enjoy myself.
I will make my own judgement on the worthiness and benefits of participating.
Open mind, willing to enjoy the open road.
Don't harsh my buzz...
Ride safe so you may ride long my friends."

My guess is , he's going to have a great time.   I used to have a great time.  Most people I know that attend(ed), have a great time.  If you don't mind opening your wallet a little more than normal (cost of the event) compared to most …

Sheep Beware.............

Let the Games Begin..........

The coffee mugs are being made.  The shirts are coming off the presses.  Stickers are being printed.  Banners prepared to be flown.  Yes, let the chaos ensue.  It's game on ....   Let the WEEK begin!

Stir it all up.............

Stirring the pot.  I've been guilty over time.  Guilty on various subjects, various forums, various mediums.  Usually do it to push a few buttons.  Point out stupidity.  Watch a few twitch and bitch.  Hey, can't help myself!


At the same time, when you watch someone else do it, sorta' funny, because you easily recognize it.  When they continue to do it it and act innocent, hell, that's even funnier.  But when they do it over and over because they can't help themselves as they are drowning in fear or helplessness, it's pure theater.  Grab the popcorn, don't change the dial and watch the action complete with groupies. After awhile, you start to wonder "wait...   they do know they are being a moron and acting like an idiot?" but..... you've heard how some actors begin to believe they are the characters they are playing and it becomes their life?   Where it really gets weird is when the audience starts to believe it …