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Pssst.. lil secret. Everyone on two wheels isn't automatically my 'brother or sister'

If one rides on a motorcycle, we've got something in common
If we ride the same brand , we've got more in common
If we belong to the same Association or Club, we've got more in common.

But......Friendships and Brotherhood don't come automatically with the new bike key or membership card ... ..They've got to be built , then enjoyed and cherished....

I've got those Brothers out there .  Some ride with me.  Some wear the same Back Patch as me.  Some I've known for many years, outside of riding.   I love my Brothers.    They have my back .... I have theirs

Olive Branches

In life we butt heads with people as we go along.  Sometimes for valid reasons, sometimes for idiotic reasons....  then as time passes on , we mend up, shake hands , give a few hugs.... move on in life.  Life is Short.. right?

But .. sometimes... before the sparks flew, you maybe weren't on board 100%.  Saw some character flaws.  Disagreed with a few things.  But, hey .. life is short so we pressed on.  But, when/if the sparks fly, you sometimes put a magnifying glass on what you saw previously.   Or maybe you see one's true colors when things are at their worst.  Sometimes, the olive branch doesn't really matter because... there's nothing to move forward to .  You don't care.

Olive Branch?  We'll just agree not to disagree publicly and ride along............


Infuckingcredible.  Got blocked from posting, because someone got their panties in a wad.  Fucking pussys.   Kicker is... all that is said here, is 100 percent true.

When I die...