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Ricky and Lucy's Gym

Finally, drug my fat ass in there.  Talk about procrastination!

As always, when I take and extended vaca from the gym ( more than a month) I start in slow.  Lower weights, couple of sets per body-part, finish off with some crunches and .. done!

Today I decided to work around what I believe is causing my problem.  Instead of Leg Presses, changed up the machine for Hack Squats.  Historically, i HATE Hack Squats, but ... one's back is against the platform , shoulders in the pads, and it's really strict .  Your total weight is limited, you have pressure on your spine to some degree, but I won't be arching my back, which my chiropractor ( Dr Todd) slapped me around for doing.  The other exercise that might be contributing to my issues is a lower cable row.   I'd just started introducing this last time before I injured it.  So, for the next six months, I'm sworn off these two.

One to two weeks of this, and I'll jump back in full bore and kick up the poundage's a…

Our Health

As I write this , I just found out that a good friend of mine just suffered a Heart Attack.   Apparently it was last night, and he's been in the hospital all night here locally, and awaiting transfer to Dallas to Baylor.  He retired a couple of years ago, and we ride together often..  Over the last decade, we've become tight and close friends.  Hopefully this afternoon, I can see him once they get him settled into his room etc....

Man, what a reminder how important our health is.  I've let my weight creep up over the years, and my job has me as a desk jockey all day long.  Then factor in business travel and my passion for having a good time on weekends ( ummm.. and during the week when possible ), I'm not doing myself any favors.  The crazy part is I have access to a full blown gym that I built about a dozen years ago.  But, injuries have continually sidelined me over the years and I've allowed those injuries to affect me psychologically to the point it's affec…

Weight Loss ... back on track

Back in December made the decision to get back in the gym, etc.   Back injury, Business trips, Holidays, extended weekend 'fun' trips...   lets just say , it's been 'slow' progress.

I broke through the 300 barrier awhile back, but kept creeping back over ( water weight fluctuates up and down 5 lbs) .  Today, finally hit a new mark; 295.   No big deal except the fact that I did that with no gym time, lil' cerveza here and there, eating like a king ( well, a protein king ) and keeping my carbs in check ( no crap carbs).

Now, the brain is focused on cracking the 290 barrier; its been a long time since I've been at that weight. As I'd mentioned before, I really don't care what I weigh as long as I retain as much muscle mass as possible and reduce the fat.  Our waist size .... our six packs ( or lack of in my case! ) are quick indicators of progress and levels of body fat. But you need to have a measurable goal, so 290 it is for now.

Good news is , no cr…

Hill Country ..........finally

For Four years now, Indians ( motorcycles ) have been making their way to Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country for an extended weekend event.  I had intentions of attending the first and second, but due to a last minute conflict of events, I had to cancel both times.  Last year it wasn't on my radar; this year it was and was truly worth the trip.

Wednesday morning at 0630 hrs Jim and I threw our legs over the bikes and headed SW in the chilly damp morning .  It started out at 57 deg, and finally got into the 60s for us later that day.  We met up with Michael and his bride Teri in Lampasas, and they escorted to the Rolling Thunder Road House where we finally got to meet Roger Chan , owner of the place.

After some grub ( Grilled Cheeseburgers with bacon were decadent!) , we headed West towards Fredericksburg .  When we pulled into the Sunset Inn, we'd pushed past the 400 mile mark , and I was beat  .  You know what that means .. head to town for some cold ones and more grub…

Stuck at ........

Been bouncing around for over a month now.    I was making great progress, right up until I hurt my back.  I haven't been in the gym since, but .. have been watching the calories I intake.  Well, sort of .   Seems like weekend .. after weekend .. of going here, going there, coupled with adult refreshments ....   no progress.   Got one more weekend coming up then, back to 'reality'.  I'll sneak back into the gym and head for the next goal.  
Late last year .. I found myself at 316 .   Heaviest I've ever been.   Then, over several months I worked downwards twenty pounds. This is actually a comfortable weight for me.  Once I go north of 300, it just gets ridiculous.   However, I need to get down to my next goal.   That goal is simply the next pants size down.  I assume I'll be around 285 or so, when that happens.    But, that's not the final goal.   I've still got to get to the next pants size down from there.   I don't know where my we…