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Turbo SlingShot: Go Big or Go Home!

Sum Bitch .. it's been almost five years since I decided on getting one:  Why a Slingshot?
 SS isn't the only toy on 3 wheels.  Lots of options out there: So you want to 'ride' .. on Three Wheels?
Nov 2014, I rode it home from Arkansas .. what a blast:  The Slingshot…….. Post ride report
Back from the Dead. The need for speed and a blown motor:  Slingshot Update
 I'll be the first to say, I don't ride/drive it enough.  It's a pure toy to me.  But, since getting it back on the road, I've got a new appreciation for it.  I've joined some FB Groups specific to the SS.  I've bought some dress up parts for it.   And, I've been getting out when possible on it.   Yesterday is a perfect example.  Headed into the concrete jungle of Dallas, wasn't riding with anyone so.... instead of donnin'g the vest, thew on a nice jacket, grabbed some sunglasses and jumped in the Sling'.  One of my pet peeves early on were all the belt noises I'd hear.…

Minnesota heads to Texas

Funny how things work out in life.   For the last 7 years, I've been going up to MN to ride my Indian Motorcycle.  I've made a lot of friends over those years while there, from around the country, and of course, those in MN.  Some of these friendships have gone to the next level. For the last three years, some of the friends have come down to Galveston to visit during the latter part of winter.  This year was a blast as always

The Polar Vortex.  Winter Storms.   When did we start naming all this crap?  I lived up north for over a decade and we called it 'winter.'  Called it "COLD!".   Well, this year ...   is one of those years.  Hell, I was just up that way and came back before this latest plunge.   Then, it was down to Galveston where Rick and Holly Dittel, and Linda O'Brien flew into Houston to join us.  If we'd have been planning better, we'd have slid it to the right a week, but we still got a night of Mardi Gras in.   And most importantly, w…

In Search of Better Health - Part IV

Part 1 Part II Part III
Dang'd it took a long time to get under 300.  But in all fairness, I've been all over the place the last month.  I parked the Keto regimen a few times while traveling.  However, food portions were kept low.  Haven't been in the gym as much as I'd have liked to, but I have stayed 'healthy.'  One thing I've found interesting is I'm rarely hungry anymore.  My appetite isn't that large either.    The only thing that I miss sometimes is some pasta.  Or potatoes in certain dishes.  Still, I think there's nothing wrong with taking a break once in ahwile, then getting back on the Keto train. Hell, that's true with any diet regimen one follows. Hell, last week I broke down and had a Mac n' Cheese dish while in Idaho that was off the charts.  But, only ate 1/2 of it and finished off the rest a few days later.  Then, back on regimen.

As slow as my progress has been, my wife has been doing this as well and she's a success s…

The Great White North

North?  Cold ?   "WTF Rick ... I thought you hated it up there?? Brrr!"   When I headed to Montana over a week ago, I got a lot of questions like this offline and online. I'm very vocal on how much I love living down South.  I'm fanatical about Texas.  But, I've only lived here about 1/2 my life.  Before that I traveled thanks to my parents and the military. Living in the tropics .. the desert...  and traveling to 90 % of our states and to multiple countries, I know what I like. I lived in MN, NE and SD for a combined 13 years. I know I like it warm.  Do I hate the cold?  Hate the snow?  No.  Contrary to popular belief, I like it.  I just don't like short Summers.  I don't like crappy, lengthy Springs.   I don't like freezing temps without a chunk of snow to go along with it.  And, most of all ... my better half can't function in that crap anymore due to 'RA'.   But when you get an invite to hang out with family at an annual 'event…