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It's a Jeep thing ....

............ you wouldn't understand.  Always been one of those sayings I love.   Buying my first jeep back in early '86, it's an addiction I've never overcome. Owned them off and on for over 30 years now.  Sadly, I've never taken it to the next level; that's about to change.
 The majority of folks I spend my time with ride motorcycles.  That is an addiction in itself.  A lifestyle.  I've gone off the deep end in the last decade with them and don't see that ever changing.  But, if one opens their eyes, they realize there are hundreds .. thousands of 'groups' out there that people get caught up in.   Seems like every brand of automobile, has it's clubs. There are clubs based around specific models! Then, there are clubs based around vehicles like side by sides or 4 wheelers.  What about bicycles.   I like to SCUBA dive and their are clubs worldwide based around that.   No matter what the interest one has , seems like their are groups/clubs…

Medal of Honor Ride

I had no idea. I've lived here for over 24 years and this was the first time I'd become aware of this. The City of Gainesville has been doing this for almost twenty years and this is just one of the activities  over several days, every year.: "Since its inception in 2001, our Medal of Honor Host City Program has hosted 56 of the 74 living Medal of Honor Recipients who have inspired our community with their message of patriotism, sacrifice, courage and life values. From the youngest citizen to the oldest, this has been a labor of love. Our rallying cry has been, and continues to be, “It’s What We Do!”"

Few months back, I saw where Dutch mentioned a "Medal of Honor" Bike Ride, so on FB I clicked "interested" as a reminder to myself.  Middle of the week, but if weather was nice and I wasn't too busy at work, thought I could sneak off for a few hours.  But, the ride was in Dallas and in my mind that was going to 'suck.'.  Still....  it was…

Guinness Rides - lil' History

This October a LOT of us will be headed to Hot Springs, Arkansas for an awesome weekend of riding.  I've posted about this several times.   I'll be up there as will many, for 3- 4 days of riding and good times.  On that Saturday, we'll have hundreds of bikes line up for a shot at the Guinness Record for "Most Indian Motorcycles in a Parade."  I've stated many times I'd prefer if we did a nice long ride instead of a parade for the record, but I can easily come up with a dozen reasons why you wouldn't/shouldn't do that.  So, we line 'em up for a short jaunt ( less than 5 miles ) , knock out the record and then go celebrate .. and ... more riding in the Hot Springs National Park!

Interestingly, there was no record until about 3 years ago. I guess nobody thought to do it.  I mean the Iron Indians had some BIG turnouts over the last 17 years; nobody thought to have someone out with a clicker and run 'em in a circle for a few miles? Hundreds of …

Drama-less Riding

I've been riding since '84.. what's that, about 35 years now?   My definition of 'riding' has changed over the years, but I've been licensed and owned/rode bikes that long.  Back in the day, my idea of riding was taking the bike to work.  Then over to a friends house.  Two years later, it was bar hopping.  Took a couple of all day rides (400-500 mile rides) several times.   But I never really.... RODE.  You know, jump on the bike, and just head out.  Hundred miles later, grab a bite, enjoy the sights.. and .. work your way back home.  Never occurred to me to head out and do triple digits much less 50 miles .. ..just because.  Today, the only thing stopping me is my personal schedule. My cell phone / laptop , dictate my work day, 365 days a year.   I've been married for several decades and my married life dictates my riding schedule to a degree.  And even if I'm home alone (ex. the wife is traveling out of state this week), I can't just head out and …

Patch : Texas Indian Bikers 4.5" Diameter / Round

I procrastinated on this one for a long time! I had these made the middle of last year and just 'sat on them'.  Why?  I didn't want to go through the headache of all the mailing BS, for a couple of dollars profit.  Simple as that.  However, I just had a USAF Morale patch made, and I had extras made.  Putting it up for sale forced me to come up with a process.  So, I'm ready to endure the pain of heading to the Post Office weekly to mail these!

Last year, I finally buckled down sent in the design and started the process......  I'm making a couple dollars on each patch.  This isn't a money making venture, but I don't want to do it for free either! My Cost: Qty.504.5” Custom Embroidered Patches$ 5.80ea 100% Embroidery