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Texas State 2018- Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association

Been a busy year!  I've been interested in the CVMA for a few years and I  patched in back around April of this year.  Nationals was held in El Paso a few months later and I attended. Regionals were held last month and I attended.  As luck would have it, the State Meeting was to be held in Galveston, Tx;  Slam Dunk!

Weather is looking iffy; folks in our chapter were watching intently.   I've got a bike down there at the time, so I'm going to be 'dry' no matter what but not so for everyone else.  This has been a crazy wet fall here but we're going to luck out.   Additionally, I screwed up my back two weeks prior and still trying to recover.  A trip to my doc gets me 4 'scripts that turn out to be the magic solution; I'm finally able to sleep and get around somewhat.  So we head down a few days early to setup the home base for the event.   We're met with nothing but sunshine! My Brother in law Mike and Suzie Que are coming down for family time.  On Th…

Are Slingshots... motorcycles?

......well, it says so on mine.  Right there between the passengers is a sticker. On the frame's VIN sticker, same thing.  So... we know it's a motorcycle!   Well, legally .. in most states.  Hell in some states you still need to have an "M" on your license and wear a helmet!

I've been having fun with this lately; being a Dick.  Just got my SS up and running again and posted some pics, etc.  At the same time, I saw in several threads out on Social Media folks were dis'ing 'em so I jumped in to stir the pot.  I'm a Professional!   Anyways...   I think about this subject often because I have several ( some that are close!) Friends that own them.  I've owned one since the day they went on sale in the fall of '14.  I see them at Rallys.   Out on SS rides with others SS's.  And I see them in the mix with bikes.

Problem is ...   and I have to tread carefully here and try to be PC .. I don't think they should be in a mix of bikes.  I know .…

Hot Springs 2019

I see a good one coming ......

In September every year is the "Hot Springs Rally." This is a general event for all brands and brings in thousands every year.   Few weeks after that is an annual event by a local group that has brought a group of Indian riders together for the last few years.   But next year, the bar has been raised.  Indian Motorcycle of Little Rock (ie, Gregory Polaris) has marked the first weekend of October as the weekend the Guinness Record for Indian Motorcycles will be shattered.  It's currently a measly 274.  He's bringing them in from all over the US.  The Region is strong with his customer base.  He's invited ALL Indian Groups ... all Indian riders....   to join in.  So, the nearby IIRA chapters are aligning to bring in the IIRA member base to help meet the challenge.   We bring you .... Tri-State in the 'Springs!

UPDATE!   Hotel and IIRA specific info can be found on the Forum!…

Slingshot Update

Hard to believe I bought this about four years ago!  I've completely underutilized it.  Lets just say .. it's got low miles.

Back in  July of 2014 I posted some thoughts on them when I'd made the decision to get one.  After purchasing it out of AR since they couldn't be sold in TX until the following June, in Dec of '14 I did a post ride report.  Last summer I did a comparison of the various '3 wheel' options out there.  I honestly believe these provide the most fun I've ever had, on more than 2 wheels!  Yet, I barely drive it...

Quite awhile back I'd purchased a turbo kit for it.  This was before superchargers were available.  Before folks were dropping LS V8s' into them .   Every dealer I asked, had never done an install so I sat on it.   Eventually, while discussing it with a few buddies, I had multiple offers to install it. 
Problem was I didn't want to do it myself, and I didn't want to rely on buddies to do it for 'free'.…

BBB 2018

It's Sunday, weekend prior and I'm typing this.  We've been planning this one for awhile.   We first attended back in '09 and came back for the next 4 years  Overall, the lodging can get expensive and the RV park's costs were getting out of hand.   So, we took a hiatus, back up for another trip or two.... and said 'we're done.' .  But .. .my buddy Jesse D and his family live there and he's always pinging us to roll up.... so this year...  we're headed that way!

Almost a year ago, I found some good hotel rates  (Marriott property just north of town), good location and momma is in.  As time progresses, other folks are chiming in.  Our Fandango VP is in, with his GF Rozzie.  Brother Dick from MN with his bride (she recently committed to the trip after a  job change) are headed down.  Donnie and Jill are rolling in from Hot Springs.   The list continues to grow... names keep popping up.  Hell, we've decided to even put a name to the 'event&…