The Gregory Indian 500 .... Gents and Ladies ... START YOUR ENGINES!

Guinness World Record bike ride(s).  Interesting.. 

-I did one back '16. It was okay. I participated ..... 'just because'
-Last year same group, same ride; I didn't participate. They barely up'd the previous.
-Few weeks ago, Racine attempted the same one, but rain and drama ( from two previous rides/events) didn't help. Fell short of enough bikes

-IRIP talked about doing one last year to best it ... then decided it was too much effort to go for it

This weekend I participate in an HD version ... weather looks iffy and may cause an issue ... but it's on track for now to best the previous one from 8 years ago. Should be interesting.

I've heard Racine may give it another go in '19. Should be interesting. They put together a great Rally overall.

 Here we go!

To me .. it's not the ride itself, but the good times that surround it. Racine was a huge success in that area. Now... .. what is prompting this post... heard this weekend that Indian Motorcycle out of Little Rock will be making a go of it in Hot Springs, Oct 2019 for most Indian Motorcycles in a Parade. NOW ..... you've got my attention! Beautiful area for a weekend of riding! Great Dealership.  Rob Gregory is a great person!  They are shooting for 500..... that elusive number (current record is 274 Indians). I've got a warm and fuzzy feeling on this one. I believe they'll blow past 500 bikes. It's to be promoted for ALL Indian Riders. No specific groups, associations, mc, etc. For ALL Indian Riders/bikes out there.. So .... Hot Springs is on my calendar for early OCT 2019. I hope you'll join me. At this point, our (Fandango and Southwinds IIRA Chapters) plan is to do a Regional IIRA event and show our support as a group. I'm sure others (ex. IMRG chapters,) etc will do the same. This is one of the region's... this country's .. Top Dealers. To me .... it's a no-brainer

More to follow ... but as I like to say .... you know what to do!


RickkciR said…
Stole this from Tamara S.

"The Gregory 500…. Oct 5th, 2019….. another shot at breaking the Indian Guinness World Record. I’ve been asked “what’s the big deal”, seen comments like “I’m not into these record setting rides”……. For me, the attempt at a record is never really the primary draw, it’s the people. As someone said, “the Record is just the icing on the cake”. You’ve seen the pictures…… a LOT of pictures of people…. (and a helluva’ lot of good looking bikes!). The draw is friends we’ve met from all over, catching up and enjoying company, “Facebook friends” that you finally get to spend time with and get to know on a more personal level. These rides are community gatherings. The draw is the journey there and back, and spending time exploring back roads I’d never be able to find, in different states, with rides led by locals who know them like the back of their hand. (BTW, the roads in Arkansas are legendary for their curves, twists and sweepers.) This “gathering” has a particularly interesting draw, as the Gregory Indian dealership is well known for going out of its way to support riders who have issues with their bikes or have broken down on the road, as well as for beautiful custom builds. People from all over the states check out this dealership first when looking for a new bike, they go above and beyond with service and hospitality, it would be great to support them. Check out what the “big deal” is next year, put Little Rock on the calendar 😉 "
RickkciR said…

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