I've mentioned before, I started this Blog approximately a decade ago.  It spans events that are trivial.  Some are important.  Some about death of friends and/or family.  Some about the good times I've spent with friends.  Often I discuss things that are important to me on a given day.. that seem trivial to me weeks or months later.  I've even blog'd about situations...issues.. that have hit a nerve with many.  Whats interesting though is when you take a quick glimpse.. snapshot... into 'traffic'.  You realize what is 'important' to others.  

Funny thing happened the other day.  For the umpteenth time I got a threatening message. Sometimes people, think you're writing about them.  But, I'm writing about me.  How things have affected my life.  Sometimes, how they affect many other's lives.   And the stats... give you a perspective into that.  I don't have a 'web counter' that shows hits.  But, I have tools internally that give me the info, and a lot more that isn't shown here.

Here is one that is an interesting one.  As I'd said before .... this is my own personal blog ..  you can clearly see until 2 years ago...... was just me and a few others , so to speak.  Not a lot of traffic. But two years ago, it took off.   I get emails from readers.  Phone texts and FB messages telling me how much they appreciate it. How much they've  learned.  How much they enjoy some of the tales of the road.  Interestingly, very few comments on each blog in the bottom section; well a few have some fun comments to read.  But the 'total' readership, isn't why I post this.  If it was, I'd convert to this to a blog that has advertisements so I would get paid for visits and 'clicks' .  Hey .. it even crossed my mind once or twice.  But then I'd be tempted to write about things that .... get visits for the wrong reasons.  No longer.. just about.... my life?

Now... this one.... Top Blog Posts ... might surprise a few?  Bet a lot of folks didn't realize
Most popular posts since inception

  • -I've been a Jeep Fanatic for the last 30 years?  
  •  Guessing most realize I've been a member of the IIRA for almost a decade?
  •  One of my frustrations the last few years has been getting the actual numbers for a specific charity
  •  The Sheep.  That post set off a firestorm that still has folks festering.  Many, don't even grasp what my definition of sheep is/was? 
  •  Group Riding.  I've wrote about this subject for several years.  I continue to grow, learn .. bitch .. on this subject
  •  Return from Sturgis.  My guess is that one was popular because I mentioned how many bike accidents occurred during the event?
  •  CVMA Nationals.  I recently joined the Combat Vets Motorcycle Association.  I'm a retired Veteran: 20 years with the USAF. Great group of men and women!
  •  It's the People not the Place:  IIRA's motto and .. the truth!   
  •  Size Matters.  Well .. it's true
  •  80 is the new 60.   This is about my Dad and I riding on his 80th B'day.  Special day for both of us


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